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Get your private psychic or personal coaching sitting with Dr. Robert Allen Fahey. He offers general psychic readings and personal and business coaching sessions on insight on love, romance, relationships, career, job changes, and future events. Explore every aspect of your life path, including the year ahead, or about your most pressing issues. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey also offers insight into the world of Spirit. Connect with loved ones on the Other Side. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey’s unique ability to touch those crossed over and convey information and messages is profound. He gives dates, names, events, and allows time for questions. Order your psychic or life coaching reading with Dr. Robert Allen Fahey thru PayPal (All major credit cards  accepted). NOTE: DrFahey will contact you by email for your private psychic reading to take place once payment is confirmed.


1. Private individual sessions prior to a business, community, or private home group gallery can now be made.

2. Each private individual sitting may last approximately 20 to 25-minutes, unless more time is arranged and paid for in advance only through this site.

3. Should this be a desire of the Star Host of a business, community or private homes gallery event, then a maximum of four (4) private individual sittings per event can be arranged. 

4. Private individual sitting (depending on total) are usually set 20 to 30 minutes (counter-clockwise) from the exact start time of a group event. For example, if the group event is scheduled to begin at 6:00PM, and only two (2) private individual sittings are arranged in advance, then the first private individual sitting will commence no earlier than: 5:30PM, and will end approximately between 5:55PM, and the second will commence at exactly 5:00PM, and end around 5:25PM.

5. EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2009, $200.00 per person / 20-25 minutes - and this fee will cover up to twenty (20) minutes with a maximum of twenty (25) minutes. More time, if desired must be scheduled and paid for in advance.

6. There will be an additional $200.00 per person / 20-25 minutes charge due in advance prior to the start of additional time wanted should more time be desired and this extra time service fee will cover up to an additional 25 minutes over the first 25 minutes scheduled for a private individual psychic sitting or personal successful life coaching session.

7. There will be an additional $200.00 per person / 20-25 minutes due in advance for each additional person that will enter the sitting room at the same time for a private individual sitting or successful life coaching session. For example, if two (2) people arrange to enter the same room at the same time for a private individual sitting, then each person will need to make their individual payments in advance.

8. No tape recording devices will be allowed during private sittings.


TERMS & CONDITIONS: The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey does not issue a refund or credit for any reason, regardless of the circumstances



At a Group Gallery / BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Reservations $200.00

How it Works


"Distance healing, includes people at all levels of training who seek to help others [including pets of all species] with the power of the mind, and is part of the growing practice of alternative medicine in this country." - Eric Nagourney, "Vital Signs", New York Times, June 6th, 2000


Distance healing is a process of spiritual remote healing that includes the transfer of psychic energy and prayers to the client when they are not physically present. Distance healing takes place outside of our normal concept of space and time and is used when a hands-on healing is not possible. Distance healing is now free of charge for your cherished pets. Situations such as Vet appointments, or examinations can all benefit from having distant healing energy sent to them in advance. The type of distance psychic spiritual energy healing provided here may include spirit guides. The process is not a casual or haphazard thing, but one that the Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey undertakes with the same focus and dedication as if you or pet were physically present.

It is quite common for a person to request a distant psychic healing intercession prior to, during, and after a loving pet has surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Current research shows that distance healing can provide positive effects and may accelerate a client’s recovery.


Dr. Fahey is a meta-physical doctor of spirituality, minister, teacher, and healer and can provide personal treatments for everyone. Through time and space he will work with your major energy points throughout your body and may help you in learning how to achieve relaxation or the healing process. Dr. Fahey has had amazing results with clients who have used his distance healing gifts to compliment traditional medical practices.



**Please note: The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey offers a healing hour once a week where he meditates upon all those who wish to have distant healing.


Step #1: Provide information of your intention – It is not essential, however if you want you may write an email outlining the hurt, pain, or distress and whether the pet is male or female, (especially if she is pregnant), or the type of animal (pet soul mate) plus where the problem may exist, (e.g., the leg, chest, or back). Additionally, if you would like, you may email a photograph.


Step #2: Please send your information to be placed on the list for Dr. Fahey’s Healing Hour and submit today to

You will be then placed on Dr. Fahey weekly distant healing list. This is a FREE service that Dr. Fahey offers.

Please note that healing is not a substitute for the medical profession. The Rev. Dr. Robert Allen Fahey advises that you get a diagnosis from your medical practitioner. This healing will work along-side any medication you have been advised to take.


· Distance Healing is a safe and effective complement to traditional medical and psychological care  

· Distance Healing is a healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health  

· Distance Healing involves the use of consciousness; nonlocal mind and the human energy field 

· Distance Healing is for all pets of all types

· Distance Healing can be applied to help you be happy, or if you are in need of help and support to maintain better health, or to encourage a period of positive transformation in your life


There is no charge for Distance Energy Healing for Pets

Donations Accepted


DISTANCE HEALING - Remote Spiritual/Energy Healing

Intercessory Prayers with Psychic Spirit Medium and Clairvoyant Dr. Fahey